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I’ve spoken to more students in the past three years than any other speaker in the country, but I’ve never heard a story or met a man that students need to hear from more than Davey Muise. I fully believe that Davey can be the voice of hope for this generation.
— Mike Smith Live // Founder // The BAY, Skate For Change, and The Harbor TV
The passion that lives inside Davey is unmatched. The way he carries himself and the way he speaks with such conviction can make even the lowest of people feel like they can conquer the world. The fact that Davey is so hellbent on empowering the youth of today is a constant reminder that there are still good guys in today’s society.
— Tom Gutches // Artist Manager
“Davey was an exceptional presenter who provided our campus with an inspirational, powerful and thought-provoking event focusing on empowerment, cohesiveness, and resilience in overcoming life’s mental health struggles. Davey’s stories of believing in ourselves and one another is very remarkable!”
— ~Kevin P. Feisthamel, Ph.D., LPCC-S, NCC // Director of Counseling, Health and Disability Services
We used Davey as a keynote speaker at our annual leadership retreat and almost a year later we are still receiving e-mails on the impact his story had on our attendees. Davey is EXACTLY who people - young and old - need to be hearing from. We couldn’t have chosen a better speaker to lead our event.
— Josh Schmitz // CEO // Ruckus Apparel
As college students, talking about mental illness is not one of our top priorities and these issues often get overlooked. Davey was able to come in and connect with the Hiram College student body on a personal level. The talk he gave was empowering and life changing to where he was able to get the students to have a different outlook on life.
— Samantha Hughes, Active Minds President at Hiram College and Taylor Petersal, Active Minds Member

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