When you book Davey to come to your school or conference, you get more than just a story. Davey takes all the lessons and know how he has gained and helps apply that to each students life. Available for up to full school day engagements, Davey will delivery a powerful key note to the whole student body or small groups per the schools request, as well as provide workshops and activities to not only back up his message but to get your students to start looking at the way they conduct their lives and how to make that needed change in themselves and their communities. Touching on issues ranging from judgement to school climate, depression to the pursuit of happiness, the wide range of his message seems to blanket the spectrum while making students step outside of themselves to see the world around them. Using social media and networking Davey likes to promote and stay in contact with your school as well as providing an interaction with the students on their levels.  Davey reaches students with the age old messages they all need in a way they all can relate to. Relevant yet classic, Davey is a great fit for schools with all sorts of student backgrounds, races, beliefs and ideals. His story has something for everyone and its his mission is to share it with the world.

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Do you have other inquiries about booking Davey? E-mail us at chris@tfaspeakers.com.