Davey is a former teacher turned rock star who’s returned to the classroom to give back and empower in a way I’ve NEVER heard before.
— Mike Smith Live // Founder // The BAY, Skate For Change, and The Harbor TV

A former school teacher and DIY musician, now standing on stages worldwide as the frontman of Boston based alternative punk rock band, VANNA - Davey Muise lives his life by not only  following his heart and pursuing his passions without fear of judgment but taking those passions and sharing them with as many people as possible. Everyday for Davey is a mission to grow and conquer both personally and professionally.

Nothing short of a survivor, Davey and his message of empowerment and overcoming adversity reaches far beyond the classroom or concert setting. He's harnessed the lessons he's learned from weathering the storms of depression, divorce, abandonment, and failure and uses them to help not only fuel his own flames but to inspire future generations to strive for a better life.

Outside of playing music, touring, and speaking, Davey is also heavily invested in the non-profit organization Hope For The Day (HFTD). HFTD is committed to utilizing music and the arts as preventative mechanisms for suicide and depression. Their alternative approach to the problem strives to offer education, prevention, and hope to youth through creative expression.

Davey's vision through HFTD is to bring communities together in order to shed light on the unfortunate topics of depression and suicide. Not only does Davey want to share the deeply personal connection creativity can have in fostering an environment of positive change to alleviate suffering, he wants kids to realize they are not alone. He views art and music as a highway to the heart; two things that have allowed humanity to express our emotions since day one.

Most importantly, Davey believes that the youth of today have the ability to use their creativity as a means of helping dig others out of the negativity they may be buried in. The authenticity and rawness of Davey's message is sure to remain with students and staff for years to come.